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Efficiency. Security.

Your projects.
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As an entrepreneur, we help individuals and professionals to realize their ideas. We have carried out many projects of all sizes, but in any case, we always give our clients personalized attention. Discover our latest projects and contact us if you want more information.

Our solutions.
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Whether for small or large geosynthetic material projects (bentonite mats, geotextiles, geomembranes, geo-nets, geocomposites), we have a very varied offer to offer our customers. In addition to the guarantee of an excellent result, when you call on Membranes FR Inc you know that you will be working with a flexible and experienced team.

Our services.
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As a dedicated geosynthetic membrane installation team, we are proud to have been able to complete multiple projects. Whatever the size or deadline constraint, our flexibility and work ethic allow us to plan carefully in advance to meet deadlines while offering quality solutions that are built to last. Discover some of our projects below.

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