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Membranes FR Liners Inc. is a company specializing in the supply and installation of geosynthetics. We offer a full line of high quality geomembranes, geonets, geodrains and geotextiles. Our team, recognized for its expertise and reliability, is made up of professionals and technicians with several million square meters of geosynthetics installed. Membranes FR Liners Inc. is thus empowered to design and carry out with efficiency and professionalism any waterproofing work for basins, disposal sites and storage and treatment platforms, cofferdams, floating roofs and other structures. nature.

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For Membranes FR Liners Inc, the priority is you. All our teams are punctual and competent, and our availability makes us highly respected professionals in our industry. We have come a long way since our inception in 1993, but the values ​​on which our business is based, such as integrity and high quality of service, have remained the same. Contact us. Do not forget to send us your contact details as well as any relevant information relating to your request.

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